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Mishka Henner - Publications - Bruce Silverstein

A novel within a novel, Harry Potter and the Scam Baiterpresents one of the most notorious scam baits in the brief history of web culture; the cross-continental encounter between Barrister Musa Issah, Mrs. Joyce Ozioma, and Arthur Dent.

From the Epilogue:
"Scam baiting is a form of Internet vigilantism in which the vigilante poses as a potential victim to a scammer in order to waste their time and resources, gather information that will be of use to authorities, and publicly expose the scammer. It is, in essence, a form of social engineering that may have an altruistic motive or may be motivated by malice. Primarily used to thwart advance-fee fraud scams, scam baiting can be conducted out of a sense of civic duty, as a form of amusement, or both.

Hardback, 6x9 inches (15x23cm), 330 pages.

Publication date: 2013



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