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Museé des Beaux-Arts, Le Locle presents the first exhibition in Switzerland for one of the most admired and influential American photographers of his generation, Todd Hido.  In the Vicinity of Narrative reveals an eminently cinematic style, with images as magnetic as they are strange. From houses seen from the outside, abandoned interiors, blurred landscapes taken from the windshield of his car, female characters photographed in sparse motels rooms, Hido’s photographs are like stills from films that the viewer must imagine, or scenarios conjured up by the likes of David Lynch. In Hido’s work, there is always a muted worry, a feeling of vacuity, and a form of melancholy without object. Passionate about photobooks, Hido has published more than a dozen to date, with his newest due out in the fall of 2018. This large-scale exhibition unites a number of distinct series in a new context, unveiling the working methods of the artist through the characteristic narrative of his engaging images. 

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