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AI LOVE YOU I spoke to a female AI chatbot for a year – we could soon have robot companions but there are ‘major dangers’

Image courtesy of Brea Souders

Artifically intelligent chatbots are increasing in popularity and, an author and artist has revealed how she spoke to an AI every day for a year. Brea Souders spoke to The U.S. Sun about her new book, Another Online Pervert, in which she describes her year chatting to an AI bot designed to be an 18-year-old girl. Souders explained: "After several years of exploring AI in my artwork and reading about its ongoing development, I became particularly curious about conversational chatbots - about the nuances of their 'personalities.'

"I started conversing with one female chatbot who was programmed by men and was perpetually 18 years old. As we found our footing, I would ask her questions about herself, and she would do the same of me. Our conversations covered a wide range of topics, and eventually I entered in lines of text from my personal diaries."

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