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Michael Wolf, Transparent City #31, 2007
Werner Bischof, Untitled (Musician), 1945
André Kertész, Quartet, 1926
Constantin Brancusi, Marthe près de la Colonne sans fin de Voulangis, 1926
Edward Steichen, Anna May Wong, New York, 1930
Josef Sudek, Window of my Studio with a Blossom, 1950
Marie Cosindas, Sailors, Key West, 1960
Cindy Sherman, Untitled Film Still #57, 1980
Jimmie Mannas, Recess, Bishops All Girl High School, Georgetown, Guyana, 1973
Anne Brigman, The Shadow on My Door (Self-Portrait), 1921
Alfred Stieglitz, Equivalent [177e], 1926
Larry Silver, Jogger, Westport, CT, 1979
Max Neumann, Untitled, July, 2013
Todd Hido, , #8227-a, 2008
Francesca Woodman, Untitled, Rome, 1977-1978
Lotte Jacobi, Photogenic Drawing, c. 1940
Penelope Umbrico, Everyone’s Photos Any License (514 of 1,701,952 Full Moons on Flickr), 2019
Sandy Skoglund, Peas on a Plate, 1978
Marjan Teeuwen, Archive 2, 2007
Frederick Sommer, Untitled, c. 1950s
Keith Smith, Postcard: Harold Allen, 9:57AM, 6 Sep 72; 23 Jan 73, 1972-1973
Diane Arbus, Waitress, Nudist Camp, N.J., 1963
Larry Silver, Boardwalk Bench Spectators, Muscle Beach, California, 1954
Jimmie Mannas, Shy Girls, Guyana, 1972
Philippe Halsman, Marilyn Monroe, c. 1959
Aaron Siskind, Pleasures and Terrors of Levitation #63, 1956
Larry Silver, Headstand, Muscle Beach Santa Monica, CA, 1954
Brea Souders, Suburn in Naples, 2010
Keith Smith, Postcard: 25 March 1973, 1973
Keith Smith, Me at My Shed - About to Go after the Mail, 1973
Nicolai Howalt & Trine Søndergaard, Lindekjaer from How to Hunt, 2005
Irving Penn, Vionnet Dress with Fan, 1974
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