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Bruce Silverstein is delighted to return to The Armory Show for the landmark art fair’s 25th Anniversary edition. Exemplifying the gallery’s commitment to presenting important contemporary and modern works of art in dialogue, we will feature an inspired exhibition spanning mid-20th century photographs by André Kertész and Robert Frank, to new work by Todd Hido, Max Neumann and Marjan Teeuwen.

Highlights from the gallery’s forthcoming art fair presentation include select vintage and modern works by Daido Moriyama, an exceptional large-format grisaille watercolor from Alfred Leslie’s beloved series, 100 Views Along the Road, and a stunning lifetime print by Robert Mapplethorpe depicting the artist’s favored muse, Lisa Lyon.

Following the artist’s fourth and much-lauded solo exhibition with the gallery, several images by Todd Hido from his most recent monographic publication, Bright Black World will be on view. These carefully crafted images highlight the artist’s first significant foray photographing extensively outside of his native US, chronicling a decidedly new psychological geography.  Nordic mythology and specifically the idea of ‘fimbulwinter’ (literally ‘the great winter’), influenced many of Hido’s newest works, which allude to this notion of an apocalyptic, neverending tundra. In the midst of the melancholia is a singular portrait of a faceless female figure, captured from behind; perhaps a metaphor for the human race as a whole.

After his emigration to New York in 1936, many of the photographs made by André Kertész express a voyeuristic quality that reflect the artist’s sense of isolation in his adopted homeland.  Primarily shot between 1950s-60s from the privacy of his Fifth Avenue apartment, Kertész honed his lens on anonymous city dwellers unbeknownst to them. Capturing fragments of passersby on the streets below, in the windows of adjacent buildings, sunbathing on rooftop gardens or relaxing in Washington Square Park, these timeless images reveal the artist’s attempts to engage with his new community.

The gallery looks forward to welcoming existing friends, clients and new audiences alike to our dynamic booth at the Armory Show which underscores the international breadth of the gallery’s program.

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