Martin Denker
Martin Denker's AbsoluteZero exhibit reviewed in the New Yorker.

Denker’s huge color photographs would not exist without the latest digital technology. Although there are bits of recognizable photographic subjects here, they’ve been whipped up into a dazzling, chaotic concoction that has very little foothold in reality. The insanely dense results, which involve as many as fifty layers of interpenetrating images, are as busy, elastic, and entertaining as cartoons. What they most resemble are super-slick versions of the comics and concert posters drawn in the sixties by Victor Moscoso and Rick Griffin, but there are no apparent narratives here. Instead, everything melts and morphs until all reason is shredded. Psychedelia eats itself. It’s trippy, man, and mad exhilarating but not exactly deep. Through Jan. 30. (Silverstein, 535 W. 24th St. 212-627-3930.)