Trine Søndergaard

A Reflection
May 3 - June 30, 2018
529 W. 20th Street
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Untitled, Reflection #7, 2014-2016     Untitled, Reflection #7, 2014-2016     

Untitled, Reflection #7, 2014-2016     

Untitled, Lace #14, 2015     Untitled, Lace #14, 2015     

Untitled, Lace #14, 2015     

Guldnakke #8, 2012-2013     Guldnakke #8, 2012-2013     

Guldnakke #8, 2012-2013     

Surrigkap, Dress of Mourning, 2016     Surrigkap, Dress of Mourning, 2016     

Surrigkap, Dress of Mourning, 2016     

Strude #19, 2007-2010     Strude #19, 2007-2010     

Strude #19, 2007-2010     

Press Release
The gallery is pleased to present a solo exhibition, Trine Sondergaard: A Reflection, which examines several images from recent bodies of work, alongside select pieces across previous series' by the artist.  Such a vantage point creates a dynamic dialogue between past and present, a duality that is explored throughout much of Sondergaard's process and is a hallmark of her timeless style.  
She is highly regarded for her formal depictions of contemporary women of all ages that define the concept of the “interior portrait”. In her newest series, she explores the notion of "a room inside", a phrase found in the diary of Franz Kafka, alluding to a private space that all humans possess.  This cerebral room contains that which is not shared.  Søndergaard’s works are highly acclaimed for their ability to provide emotions with a kind of visibility.  Her images become metaphors that intensify our perception of reality and invite quiet contemplation.