The Center for Arts Education
The Center for Arts Education (CAE) is dedicated to ensuring that all New York City public school students have quality arts learning as an essential part of their K-12 education. Along with teaching and learning programs, CAE provides information and resources that demonstrate the benefits of and need for arts education as part of a quality, balanced education. CAE works to:

Raise awareness of the value of arts learning for every child
Increase public consciousness about the need for dedicated arts curricula in the New York City public schools
Provide tools and resources for educators, parents, elected officials, and others to advocate for and institute equitable education that includes the arts
Influence educational and fiscal policies that will support arts education in all of the city's public schools.

To view the CAE Bill of Rights please click here, or click here for more information.

Bruce Silverstein Gallery has limited edition portfolios of work from graduates of SVA's MFA Photography, Video and Related Media Program available for purchase to benefit the Center for Arts Education. Click here for more details.
Aaron Siskind Foundation
At the time of his death, Aaron Siskind directed that his estate become a resource that would support contemporary photography by rewarding and encouraging excellence in its practitioners. Since 1991 the Aaron Siskind Foundation has been one of the few American organizations providing cash grants to individual photographic artists on a yearly basis. The Individual Photographer's Fellowship (IPF) review panel examines the work of upwards of 700 applicants each year, awarding a varying number of grants in amounts of up to $5,000.