The Silverstein Annual is part of the gallery's ongoing effort to provide exposure to emerging artists whose work incorporates the medium of photography. Bruce Silverstein Gallery with the guidance of curatorial advisor Nathan Lyons, annually invites ten prominent curators to nominate one artist whom they feel deserves the opportunity for further exposure within New York's cultural milieu.

  Raul De la Cruz   Edward Robinson
Los Angeles County Museum of Art
  What surprises me about Raúl de la Cruz’s photographic series, "La Casa" is not the innovation of his topic – a survey of the residence he called... Read More
  Calum Colvin   Francis Hodgson
Arts Critic
  The root of Colvin’s manner is that he has distrusted the photograph. The earliest work of his that I remember was almost graffiti-simple, just a... Read More
  Ludovica Carbotta   Alberto Salvadori
Museo Marino Marini
  Ludovica Carbotta is engaged in a project in which photography is as much a toll of investigation as one of formal translation of ideas. In this way,... Read More
  Sebastien Girard   Markus Schaden
  French-photographer Sebastien Girard has chosen his home as a starting point for a long-term photographic project: Nothing but Home, Desperate Cars,... Read More
  Taiyo Onorato & Nico Krebs   Kevin Moore
Independent Curator
  What to do as a young photographer, trained in, enamored of, yet burdened by the weight of certain American photographic icons: Robert Frank, Stephen... Read More
  Ivan Mikhaylov   Olga Sviblova
Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow
  Ivan Mikhailov is one of the most outstanding young Russian artists. He appeared on the Russian art scene a few years ago with his project... Read More
  Nelli Palomaki   Timothy Persons
Aalto University School of Art and Design, Helsinki
  I´ve had the pleasure to follow Nelli Palomäki´s work for many years. What fascinates me the most about Palomäki’s photographs is how she... Read More
  Sharon Yaari   Suzanne Landau
The Israel Museum, Jerusalem
  For over a decade I have been following Sharon Yaari's work – from his early beginnings as a promising new talent on the Israeli art scene to his... Read More
  Katja Mater   Marcel Feil
Foam Museum, Amsterdam
  In recent years we have seen a large increase in hybrid forms of art. Thus, photography can be used by artists who do not consider themselves strictly... Read More
  Katrin Winkler   Zoe Strauss
  Katrin Winkler's work speaks for itself. I met Ms. Winkler at a workshop I was teaching at CalArts. The questions that her work presented about... Read More


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